1000-rep Kettlebell Challenge

Every so often, at the end of football practice, our coach would run us through some sort of physical challenge.

It could have been 10 or 20 wind sprints, or bear crawls down the length of the field and back.

It would test you both physically – you’d see REAL quick what kind of physical shape you were in!…

…and it would also test you mentally, and help you get stronger to be able to push through discomfort… so that in a game-time situation, you’d have that mental toughness and drive to win when you needed it.

I guess that’s where part of the idea of my kettlebell Challenge workouts came from.

Do workouts like this, you’ll test not only your physical shape, but your mental toughness.

And as a result, you’ll win in strength, health, and all the other areas of your life:


1000-rep Kettlebell challenge workout

Do 50 reps of each exercise. You can rest as needed, but you can’t move on to the next exercise until you’ve completed all the reps. Do 2 rounds total:

50 two hand KB swings
50 spider climbs
50 walking lunges (25 per leg)
50 1 arm KB rows (25 per arm)
50 jumping jacks
50 one arm KB swings (25 per side)
50 cross body mountain climbers
50 alternating reverse lunges
50 inverted / recline rows OR 25 1 arm rows per side
50 high knees in place (per side)


If you liked this workout, and the idea of kettlebell Challenge workouts in general, perfect timing.

We have our “1000” kettlebell challenge opening for registration tomorrow.

You can get workouts like this, made into a full 28-day program.

Look, feel, and train like an athlete… with just three to four, twenty to thirty minute workouts per week… using just a couple of kettlebells and your own bodyweight.

Stay tuned, keep an eye on your email inbox for registration details!

Have a great day, talk soon

-Forest Vance

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