28 Day “1000” Kettlebell Challenge 2.0

NEW: 28-day “1000” Kettlebell Challenge 2.0

These are quick-hitting workouts designed specifically for men and women over 40!

If you are looking for a challenging, intense training program, that is also designed with the specific goals and considerations of the 40+ age group in mind…

If you find yourself moving away from barbell/gym training, and moving towards kettlebell/bodyweight – type training modes…

If you looking for a program that will help you maintain / gain strength, while improving “functional fitness” and avoiding injury…

I want to invite you to join our upcoming 28-day “1000” Kettlebell Challenge 2.0 for men and women over 40:

28-day “1000” Kettlebell Challenge 2.0

But hurry! We start this coming Monday, October 26th.

-Forest Vance, Kettlebell Expert, Over-40 training specialist, KettlebellBasics.net

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