Kettlebell Workout For Arms

Before I break down this kettlebell workout for arms, I want to make one thing clear:  I’m NOT a big believer in direct arm work.  This is primarily because during most pushing, pulling and lifting movements (like those performed during all the basic kettlebell exercises), your arms and shoulders work together while your spine, abs and hips stabilize your body to maintain alignment and to initiate force production.

In other words, your arms get worked enough doing the basic kettlebell moves – the swing, Turkish get up, squat, clean, press, and snatch – to not need exercises like curls and extensions.

HOWEVER – I know some of you STILL want more direct arm work.    A lot of folks, men especially, that come from a ‘bodybuilding – type’ training background, have a lot of aprehension – even get scared – at the lack of direct arm work kettlebell training involves.

So I put together a quick and effective kettlebell workout for arms for you to satisfy your arm pump cravings.  It’ll have you ready for the club/beach/other tight-sleeved adventures in your immediate future.  Enjoy!

Kettlebell Workout For Arms (the exercises)

1. Halo

Hits your arm, shoulders and core.  Here’s a nice video demo of the move:

2. Around-The-World

Works the forearms and grip strength.  This video provides a good description of the movement:

3. Figure 8

You’ll feel this one in the biceps if you do it correctly … here’s how:

Kettlebell Workout For Arms

  • halo
  • around-the-world
  • figure 8

Perform each exercise for :60 continuously.  Switch to the next exercise in the circuit without rest.  Make sure to switch sides – go both directions – on the halos and figure 8’s.  Rest for :30 once you’re done with the entire circuit and repeat for a total of 2-4 rounds.

I’m not a big believer in direct arm work.  But I know a lot of you will still do it, no matter what I say 🙂  So for today’s article, I put together a quick and effective kettlebell workout for arms to satisfy your arm pump cravings.  Hope you enjoyed it and talk soon –


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