Skill-Specific KB Swing Warm Up (video)

We just finished up the monthly challenge workout at our Sacramento, CA personal training studio.

This workout contains a TON of kettlebell swings. So for clients that are fairly new to KB training – and even for those who have been working out at our studio for years – we take some time at the beginning of the session to work on and refine our kettlebell swing form.

(BTW, adding a “skill-specific” segment to your warm up/workout prep is something I highly recommend you do as well.)

So, I wanted to share with you a preview segment of the new Kettlebell Workshop DVD’s we have on sale this week – you’ll see me demonstrate a simple progression you can do to improve your KB swing form.

Check it out:

That’s it for today – enjoy the video and have a great one –


PS – My new Kettlebell Workshop hard-copy DVD set is now on sale, and you can grab it at a discounted price for a limited time. Get more details and pick up your copy HERE

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