New Garage Built Body Program (time sensitive)

Hey – wanted to send a quick follow up yesterday’s message, I forgot to mention something –

My friend Travis Stoetzel is holding a sale this week on his new Garage Built Body program:

=> Garage Built Body special offer (time sensitive)

I am actually doing this program myself to test it out. I have been doing workouts from it all this week. And I am SUPER impressed.

So if you’re looking for a new workout program to do at home on your own, if you enjoy training with kettlebells and your own body weight, if you are limited on time, and if you’re ready to WORK, you’re going to love this one.

Garage Built Body includes a TON of the stuff FVT readers have been asking for more of, like:

— How to not only get into great condition, but build serious muscle and strength with KB’s (and other tools)
— CRAZY hard KB complexes
— How to get the most out of limited training resources (minimal equipment) and time (all the workouts are 24 minutes or less)

=> Garage Built Body special offer (time sensitive)

You’ve probably heard me mention Travis’ name before … but if not, he’s a strength coach based out of the midwest (US) that’s a friend of mine. We share a similar background (Travis played college football and still competes now in the Crossfit games) and similar training philosophies (he uses kettlebells, body weight – based movements and other types of functional training modes heavily in his programming).

Anyway, that’s it for now. Enjoy the rest of your day, and talk soon –


PS – Here’s how my workout went yesterday – just to give you a little preview:

First, I foam rolled and stretched for a few mins to get my mind right before the workout.

(Travis includes his pre-workout prep routine if you need one.)

While I was doing that, I quickly reviewed 1) the coaching video for the workout of the day, and 2) the corresponding workout manual on my iPhone – just to make sure I knew how things were set up, and that I was doing everything correctly.

Then, I got all of my equipment ready, and hit the workout hard. I did:

(sequence 1)

— 1 KB power snatch
— 1 KB push press
— 1 KB thruster

Complete 3 full rounds through the complex = set
Alternate arms each minute
3 sets every minute, on the minute x8 (4 rounds each side)

(sequence 2)

— side lunge x5
— push up x5

As many rounds as possible in 5 minutes

(sequence 3)

— kettlebell swings x10,12,14 …

Every minute, on the minute, do a set
Go until you fail to do the work listed within the minute

Did a quick sixty second cool down and was done.

And that’s how my workout went down.

Okay. That is all. Have a great weekend 😉

=> Grab your copy of Garage Built Body here

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