The Invincible Body Workout

Over the course of training myself seriously for 20 years now (I started when I was 14) … and 2015 being my tenth year full-time as a fit pro … I have found that a large majority of folks I end up training with, working with, speaking to about fitness or encountering in whatever way, have pretty similar goals.

They are, in a nutshell, to:

— Gain strength and lean muscle
— Lose body fat, stay slim and trim
— Feel great, and keep the aches and pains at bay
— Be ready at any given time to take on a variety of physical challenges – examples would be run a 5k, play pick-up basketball for 45 mins, do 10 pull ups, do a pistol squat, press a half-body weight kettlebell over head, bench press 1.5x your body weight, snatch a 24k KB 100 times in 5 mins, etc

In short – to build the “Invincible Body”!

I mean – how awesome would it feel if you walked around every day, lean, strong, pain free and feeling great, and ready to rock all the physical challenges listed above (and many more) at any time?

Well – it’s VERY possible. And in fact, you can do it training about 30 minutes per day, three or four times per week.

You just have to be specific and intentional about your training, and stick to the plan for the long term.

Here’s an overview of what your training might look like to get the “Invincible Body”:

— Joint mobility and gentle stretching – 5-10 mins EVERY day in the AM
— Foam rolling / self myofacial release – EVERY day, as needed, any time throughout the day
— Dynamic warm up / movement prep – 5-10 mins at the beginning of each training session
— A basic barbell lift – at most training sessions, three or four days per week
— Kettlebell and / or bodyweight exercises – at all training sessions, three or four days per week
— Metabolic-style “finisher” / sprints / etc – at the end of most workouts
— Static stretching / flexibility work – at the end of most workouts / any other time
— Fun / enjoyable activity – on your “off” training days / any other time

Pretty cool, right?

Simple structure, very do-able – yet VERY powerful.

Now if this idea interests you, but you want more specifics, stay tuned. I am putting together a program around this concept of the “Invincible Body”, and it will be available very soon.

But for now, you have an overview of how to get strong, lean, keep the aches and pains at bay, and maintain a decent level of overall fitness at the same time. Think about the concepts we covered in today’s article, and if you have these goals, make sure that you are including everything we covered in the above list in your training.

Train hard, and talk soon –

– Forest

PS – Questions / thoughts / etc?  Put them in the comments section below!

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