FVT QnA – Swing Lower Back Pain, Injury Mods + Teaching KBs

It’s the first day of April!

And the weather here in Sacramento is GREAT – perfect for an outdoor workout:

Okay – it’s time for another FVT QnA session.

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Let’s hop right in:


Q – “I get lower back pain when doing KB swings. Any suggestions?”

A – There are a lot of reasons why this could be happening.

If you have no pre-existing conditions though to your knowledge, the first place to look is your form.

Here is a video that should help:


Q – “I have (X/Y/Z) injury – how do I work around it?”

A – The key is to keep training.

With the majority of injuries, you CAN keep working, and do SOMETHING.

I am SUCH a big believer in this.

I was back in the gym two days after both my knee surgeries, and my hand surgery as well.

I wasn’t working the body parts that I just had an operation on, obviously – but I was able to work the non-affected areas, and do what I could.

I was able to maintain my fitness, and get back in it a lot faster than if I had just stopped training all together.

Keep it goin’ and do what you can!


Q – “I am looking to start teaching others kettlebells. Would you suggest me to start a online class, or a more private live studio?”

A – I think the easiest and fastest way to start in the fitness business is to train people in person.

You get invaluable experience working with people hands-on.

I think you NEED to work with some clients in person before you start putting programs out on the internet.

Getting your work online and out in the world is GREAT … but it is also HARD! And there are a lot of specific skills you have to learn to make it happen.

The best way to start is to get a few training clients – the first few, train them for free, or for a very low rate – get experience, and get them some GREAT results – and they’ll be telling their friends, and your little business will be growing in no time.

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That’s it for this QnA – off to train a couple of sessions, then hit my own workout!

Have an awesome weekend, and talk soon –

– Forest Vance
Certified Personal Trainer
Master of Science Human Movement

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