Kettlebell Full Body Attack (video)

I’m going to show you today what could be one of the most difficult double kettlebell exercises around.

It’s called the Kettlebell Full Body Attack!

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You are going to need two kettlebells. If you can handle it, try to go a little heavier than you think you can. The reason being, when you are doing a renegade row or a push up or anything with your hands on the ‘bells, they can get a little bit unstable if your weight is really light. That’s because all of your weight is supported on the bottom of the KBs – which is really small.

So these are 16 kilo ‘bells (used in the video), and the bottom of these are a decent sized base.

Get both hands on the ‘bells, hop your feet back. Row on the right. Make sure when you do that row you transfer your weight over and get in a nice plank and use the muscles in the back to do the row. Row on the right, row on the left and hop the feet forward.

From here you have to adjust your hands a little bit and turn the handles in. It’s not going to be like a Russian swing to clean, it’s just going to be from a dead stop.

Go from right here, snap the hips, weights up to the clean position. From here, adjust your feet a little bit, do a squat up to an overhead press and repeat. You can add in an optional push up if you want to make it more difficult. Repeat that for reps.

So there is your Total Body Attack. You can use that at the beginning of your workout as a total body strength move or you can use it at the end with lighter weight as a finisher.

To your success! –

– Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Personal Trainer

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