(video) 10 Minute Kettlebell Workout #3

I almost always plan a weekend workout for myself.

Life is a little crazy these days, so it’s not quite as easy to schedule an exact time as it used to be 😉 … but at some point, I can almost always get a simple, fast, effective kettlebell workout at home.

So I just make sure to have everything ready – my workout clothes, a couple of kettlebells, my interval timer – and when the opportunity arises, I knock it out.

If you are busy too, I suggest you do the same.

You could make it a weekend thing like I do, and then be a bit more scheduled and regimented during the week … or it could even be the plan for all your workouts, if that’s all you can make work.

Even if all you have time for is 3 or 4 workouts like this per week, paired with smart nutrition, this type of plan get get you some great results:


10 Minute Kettlebell Workout #3

– 5 goblet squats
– 10 spiderman push ups
– 15 swings
– 20 mountain climbers

Get as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes

Watch the video that shows you how to do this workout here:


Getting results is easy when you have a plan. Get more workouts like the one I shared with you today and a complete training plan at the link below:

Kettlebell Challenge Workouts 2.0

To your success! –

– Forest Vance
Master of Sciecne, Human Movement
Certified Personal Trainer

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