[KB STRONG] sample workout – week 1, day 1

So you want to get STRONG!

But traditional weight lifting has taken a toll on your body.

What used to be occasional tweaks that you could work through, are turning into more frequent injuries that stop you dead in your tracks …

… and you’re looking for a solution.

The KETTLEBELL STRONG – 6 week intensive is what you need to take a look at, my friend.

I will be working with you closely in this program, and showing you EXACTLY how to gain strength, lean muscle, AND build superhuman conditioning at the same time – all with just a couple of kettlebells, your own bodyweight, and 20 to 30 minutes per day.

Here is a sample workout from week 1:


[KB STRONG] sample workout – week 1, day 1

*This workout is a little different that many KB routines that I post here, in that it is a body part split.So more or less, you’ll focus on all your “pushing” muscles in the “A” workout (below), and all of your “pulling” muscles in the “B” session (included when you sign up for the 6 week intensive). If you’re trying to get stronger – and add some muscle mass in the process – it’s a great way to train!*

1) Turkish get up

Do one ‘naked’ on each side (no added weight) and then three more on each side, switching sides each rep.

Recommended weight = 20k/24k+ men; 12k/16k+ women

2) KB Presses

Do three ladders up to 5 reps each. The pressing ladders will look like this:

Clean and Press Right
Clean and Press Left
Clean, 2 Presses Right
Clean, 2 Presses Left
Clean, 3 Presses Right
Clean, 3 Presses Left
Clean, 4 Presses Right
Clean, 4 Presses Left
Clean, 5 Presses Right
Clean, 5 Presses Left

Recommended weight = 20k/24k+ men; 12k/16k+ women

3) Push Up “Complex”

1 wide-arm push up – 2 seconds down, 2 seconds up
1 regular push up – 2 seconds down, 2 seconds up
1 close push up – 2 seconds down, 2 seconds up
1 pike press – 2 seconds down, 2 seconds up

Rest as needed; get as many rounds as possible of this sequence in 5 minutes


Now, there are details I left out here – warm up routine, video demos, the rest of the week of the kettlebell workuots, “off day” conditioning sessions, and much more …

… but can you see, just from this sample, how this training approach is quite different than what you’re probably doing now?

It’s more volume for a specific group of muscles on one day (mostly focused on chest, shoulders, and tris here) …

… a bit of a “throwback” to split routines of the past, and maybe how you used to train.

But with the twist of doing this with kettlebells and bodyweight, it flat-out WORKS for gaining strength and muscle, but taking it easy on the joints and body at the same time!

Details and apply for our KETTLEBELL STRONG – 6 week intensive below.

To your success! –

– Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Kettlebell Instructor


KETTLEBELL STRONG is a 6 week, small group, online coaching program where the focus is getting STRONG with kettlebell training … so that you can get stronger and make faster progress towards your fitness goals.

You’ll work with me throughout the program. This is one of the big things that makes this program different. You will be checking in our private group every time you do a workout. This accountability has been SO key, and is why my group coaching clients get SERIOUS results!

We’ll start with some baseline fitness testing.

You’ll then get a very specific plan to follow for the 6 weeks.

You will be required to check in regularly via email and/or the private FB group.

You’ll have the ability to post videos of yourself doing the kettlebell movements for form review throughout the program.

We’ll finish with testing again at the end of the six weeks to see how you have progressed!

You’ll also get a copy of my “Kettlebell Training Basics” package – 12 to 18 additional weeks of kettlebell workouts – so that you will have workouts to use moving forward after the initial six week training is over (these will be delivered on completion of the program).

Interested? Apply using the link below.

We personally review each and every application, and do not accept everyone who applies. I only want to work with people who are motivated, driven, and 100% committed to succeed.

=> “Kettlebell Strong” 6 Week Intensive – apply now

Look forward to working with you!

– Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Kettlebell Instructor

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