(video) #1 Cause of KB Low Back Pain – and How to Fix It

Kettlebell swings are an awesome movement for building power, conditioning, and blasting fat – all at the same time.

BUT, the technique can be tricky.

Specifically, many folks complain of low back fatigue, or even pain, when learning how to do the movement.

Now there can be various reasons why this happens. A actual pre-existing injury could be one of them – so to be clear, I am NOT giving medical advice. Get checked and cleared by your doc before starting any exercise program.

But, if you are healthy, and you are doing the exercise correctly, you should NOT be experiencing lower back pain when doing swings, or even really feeling it much, if at all, in your lower back.

So what’s the #1 cause of KB low back pain?

From my experience teaching thousands of folks how to use kettlebells, it is swinging the kettlebell too close to the ground.

To fix it, just bring the ‘bell as close to the body as you can as it swings back.

The motion is similar to hike passing a football.

Another great cue is to imagine you are throwing the KB through your stomach … and then to get the hips out of the way at the last minute.

Check out this video to see the mistake, and simple fix, in action:

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To your success!

– Forest Vance, ForestVance.com

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