“Metabolic Quartet” joint-friendly HIIT finisher

HIIT is one of the best ways to burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time, and even crank up your metabolism post-workout too.

But, HIIT after 40 can be really hard on the knees, joints, and hips. And it can take you a lot longer to recover from an intense workout as you get in a little more advanced in age, too.

So what is the best “cardio” for those 40 and older? Here is the winning formula:

— Keep it short (10 minutes or less)
— Use movements VS just exercise (example: Hip Extensions or Step-ups VS a treadmill)
— Use Total Body sequences – the more muscles that are used, the more calories you burn
— Use strategic “active” recovery exercises within the sequence 
— Use low to no-impact exercises to allow optimal recovery so your body burns fat easier after you’re done
— Use a variety of tempos to hit different muscle fibers
— For even faster results, you can “plug in” this joint-friendly HIIT at the end of your favorite exercise routine. This digs deep into your fat stores and helps you overcome trouble spots, plateaus, and my favorite… allow more wiggle room in your diet. 😉

Now I want you to check out a workout designed around these principles:

“Metabolic Quartet” – in the style of the Cardio Afterburn joint-friendly HIIT program

Do the following circuit 3 times, resting as shown:

— Triple Stop Pushups (40 secs), rest 20 secs (modify by doing with hands elevated or from the knees if needed)
— KB Swings (40 secs), rest 20 secs (recommended weight = 12-16k women / 20-24k men)
— Skater Hops (40 secs), rest 20 secs (can take out actual jump if lower impact is desired and simply do side-to-side steps while staying low)
— Plank Hold (40 secs), rest 20 secs

And for 40+ workouts like this one, check out the full program at the link below:

=> new “joint-friendly” HIIT

Here’s to harnessing the power of HIIT in a joint-friendly way! –

– Forest Vance

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