H2H Kettlebell Swings (form breakdown)

H2H kettlebell swings will skyrocket your explosive strength, stamina, and agility.

But the form can be tricky.

Here are three tips to do them right:

1 – HIP POP – snap the hips out of the bottom of the move! This is always key with your swings, but perhaps even more so with the H2H swing, because it sets you up for…

2 – FLOAT – the KB should “float” at the top of the arc for a split second. This comes from tip #1, the hip pop, and properly gets us ready for the…

3 – HAND SWITCH – you’ve popped the hips, the ‘bell is floating in the air… now all you have to do is take one hand off and quickly replace with the other.

Check out the video to see a couple of different ways you can do this.

H2H swings can build your fitness AND add a new dimension of variety, enjoyment and intensity to your kettlebell training.

Enjoy! –

– Forest Vance KettlebellBasics.net


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