Labor Day “Bodyweight Beast” Workout

For almost six months now, with the exception of about a three week period in June / July, we’ve been shut down for indoor gym workouts here in Northern California due to the pandemic.

So we’ve had to pivot our personal training business BIG time to keep things going!

One of the things that’s actually gone quite well is boot camps in the park.

It’s safe, people get a great workout, and it’s a lot of fun.

Here’s what our workout looked like today:


Labor Day “Bodyweight Beast” Workout

(total body / dynamic warm up, then)


  • Get as many mountain climbers as you can in :60
  • Rest for :15
  • Get as many push ups as you can in :45
  • Rest for :15
  • Get as many spider climbs as you can in :30
  • Rest for :15
  • Get as many burpees as you can in :15
  • Rest for :15

(without resting, move directly into)


  • 10 squat jumps
  • 10 walking lunges (per leg)
  • 10 step ups (per leg)
  • 20 bodyweight squats

Rest for approx :60; repeat for 3 rounds total!

(finish with optional run, core work, and stretch)


That’s a KILLER bodyweight workout you can do any time, any place.

Whether you are working out at the gym, at home, or the park – no excuses!

And when you pick up a copy of my CORE Kettlebell Challenge system this week, I am including a special bonus when you get it through the link below:

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“Bodyweight Power Workout” is a full 6-week training plan. You’ll be able to get your full BEAST mode on, ZERO equipment required!

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Have a great holiday, talk soon –

-Forest Vance

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