KB lower back pain? Try this!

When people are first getting started with kettlebells, one thing that’s really common, that I hear all the time, is that they get lower back pain.

But the reality is, kettlebell training, and specifically the kettlebell swing, one of the main movements in kettlebell training, is NOT a lower back exercise!

It’s an exercise for the muscles in the back of the body, it’s an exercise for what we call the “posterior chain” – the glutes, the hamstrings, etc – NOT the lower back.

One of the big contributors to lower back pain when working out with kettlebells is swings the KB too low to the ground.

Let me show you what I mean.

A proper swing looks like this at the bottom (this is a one-arm swing, but same idea applies if it’s one hand or two hands):

See how the ‘bell is close to my frame when it comes back? It’s almost like I’m hike passing a football.

Swinging the KB too low to the ground – which is NOT how you want to do the exercise – would look something like this:

That makes me cringe just looking at it 😉

This makes the move harder, and adds stress to the lower back.

To sum up, if you are getting lower back pain from doing kettlebell swings, it could be that you are swinging the ‘bell too close to the ground. Implement today’s tip at your next workout, and see if it helps. And there is your #1 tip for preventing lower back pain with kettlebells!


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