[video] Modified / Beginner-Level Turkish Getup Variations

What muscles does the Turkish getup work?


But it’s fantastic.

Because no other exercise simultanously trains both stabilty and mobility, across so many joints, and in so many positions.

However, if you are just learning the exercise, working around an injury, or don’t quite yet have the mobility or core strength to do the full version, it can be tricky.

So check out today’s video. In it, I show two beginner / entry – level variations of the movement – the “1/2 get up” and the “foot switch get up”:


And if you like this one, also be sure to check out my Lifetime Kettlebell Fitness program for men and women over 50 – we use modified / beginner level version of a lot of the different moves, kind of like this one:

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-Forest Vance
Kettlebell Expert
Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist

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