“300” – KB Challenge – BENCHMARK WORKOUT

As the moon rises and shadows grow longer, brace yourself for a fitness experience that will send shivers down your spine…

…the 300 Spartan Kettlebell Challenge is lurking in the darkness! 💀

Try this bone-chilling sample workout from the full program:


“300” – KB Challenge – BENCHMARK WORKOUT

Survive 5 rounds for time of the circuit below. It’s your only way out!

–5 1 arm press right (8k women / 16k men)

–5 1 arm press left (8k women / 16k men)

–15 2 arm KB swings (16k women / 24k men)

–10 push ups

–10 lunges right

–10 lunges left

–5 burpees


This “300” – KB Challenge – BENCHMARK WORKOUT is not for the faint of heart. But it’s just the beginning—soon, the full 300 Spartan Kettlebell Challenge will materialize, ready to haunt your fitness routine at a special Halloween price starting tomorrow!

Stay tuned 😉

-Forest Vance — Kettlebell Expert — Over 40 Specialist — ForestVanceTraining.com — KettlebellBasics.net

*Kettlebell Image courtesy of IronSkullFitness.com

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