Free KB FIT OVER 40 Sample Workout

People are often surprised at the results we can create working three or four, 30 minute – ish kettlebell workouts per week.

Everyone is different when it comes to starting fitness level, experience, injury history, etc – and I think this is why you can get the best POSSIBLE results with a kettlebell plan that is INDIVIDUALIZED to all of this by a pro coach like me (details on how you can apply for my KB Fit Over 40 – Personalized Coaching HERE)…

…but I wanted to start by giving you a basic KB workout that is designed for “Donna” (a pretend online PT client). Donna is:

  • 43
  • Primary goal is 7 lbs of fat loss over the next 90 days
  • Donna played basketball at the D1 college level, and has 25 years or so of solid training experience
  • Donna also works around 45 hours per week, and has three small kids – so her time is limited
  • We have this full-body KB workout plus two more like it designed for him each week, along with two bonus HIIT sessions
  • She does the workout exactly as written each day, logs her progress in my app, and then I take a look / give comments / hold her accountable to getting it done
  • We tweak / modify / give feedback regularly and guide her to the results he’s looking for

Free KB FIT OVER 40 Sample Workout


1 – Turkish get ups – 4 sets of 1 per side – Start with I’m thinking 35 pounds on week 1?…if it goes well, we will build on this one moving forward!..

Rest :30 between exercises; do four rounds total.

PAIR WITH – 4 sets of 12, double / two-bell KB swings

PART 2 – Do as many reps as you can of each exercise in 40 seconds. Rest for 20 seconds between moves.

Do 4 rounds total:

1 – inverted rows

2 – KB step up

3 – side plank hold

4 – one arm kettlebell row

5 – burpee broad jump


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– Forest Vance
Owner, FVT Boot Camp and Personal Training
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Russian Kettlebell Instructor
Certified Personal Trainer
Certifed Performance Enhancement Specialist
Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist
Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach

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