Kettlebell Body Revival – Free Sample Workout

Next Monday, June 5th is the start of our 28-day Kettlebell Body Revival Challenge! Are you in?!? Here’s the link you need to join: 

–>> 28 Day Kettlebell Body Revival Challenge

Before we start, here’s a little peek at what the workouts will be like. We’ll focus on a few key areas:

  • Being flexible and moving easily
  • Keeping balanced
  • Making your core strong

All of these things will help you reach the Challenge’s goals- to feel less pain, become stronger in a useful way, and feel up to 20 years younger!
Ready? Here’s the workout:

Kettlebell Body Revival – Free Sample Workout

WARM UP – Try to do as many as you can of each exercise in 30 seconds. Don’t rest between exercises. Do this twice:

  • Alternating Prisoner Lunge
  • Cross Crawl
  • Bodyweight Squat
  • Pushups
  • Leg Swings (20 secs/side)

PART 1 – Set a timer for 1 minute. At the start of each minute, do the set number of reps. Rest for the rest of the minute. Do this 3-4 times:

  • Single / Double KB Press x 8
  • Single / Double KB Front Squat x 8
  • Horn grab / Double KB Clean x 10
  • Single Arm KB Row x 12 per side / Inverted row x 15
  • Total Body Extension x 20

PART 2 – Do as many rounds as you can of these exercises in 7-10 minutes:

  • Friendly Burpee – 5
  • Bodyweight / KB Walking Lunge w/ Balance – 8 per leg
  • HardStyle Plank – :30 hold
  • Skater hops – 10 per side

COOL DOWN (5 mins) – Hold each of these stretches for 30 seconds:

  • Forward fold
  • Sphinx
  • Child’s pose

That’s a full free workout from our upcoming 28-day Kettlebell Body Revival Challenge. 

With workouts like this, in just a month you could feel more awake, flexible, and years younger.

Want to sign up for the whole Challenge? Click this link:


Can’t wait to see you there!

— Forest and the FVT Team at

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