5 Great Kettlebell Websites

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for cool new kettlebell websites to check out … here are five of my favorites you may not have heard of:

1. Straight to The Bar

The ‘home of all things strength’ – not necessarily a kettlebells only site, but has got lots of great articles and discussion on all styles of KB training.  Be sure to check out the forums.

2. World’s Strongest Librarian

Josh Hanagarne – the one and only World’s Strongest Librarian – is one all-around cool dude.  He’s a fellow RKC and a great writer – he blogs about everything from card tearing to tourette’s syndrome to KB training.  Head over and check out his blog.

3. Charm City Kettlebells

Sandy Sommer, RKC writes this blog – he’s all about kettlebell training, primal eating, and healthy living.  A solid all-around KB resource and good choice for a kettlebell instructor if you happen to be in the Baltimore, MD area.

4. Nathan’s Fitness and Russian Kettlebell Blog

A cool blog that’s updated daily about kettlebell training, powerlifting, and a whole lot more.  A great one if you’re into heavy lifting, no-nonsense training and all things strength.

5. The Actionaut

Blog of Philippe Till, RKC – he writes about kettlebells, primal living, and more.  He’s also the only ‘wildfit’ certified coach in the U.S.

These websites and blogs are some great KB training resources – and my guess is even if you’re in to kettlebells there’s at least one or two of them you haven’t heard of.  Any cool KB sites you like?  We’d love to hear about them!

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