Three Killer Kettlebell Exercises For Abs

Perfect technique with the right kettlebell exercises will give you all the ab work you’ll ever need without doing a single crunch or sit up.  Here are three kettlebell exercises that work the heck out of your abs (and work almost every other muscle in your body as well):

1. Renegade Rows

This exercise, while working a lot of other muscle groups at the same time, is probably one of the most challenging ab exercises you’ll ever do.  Here’s a quick video with some great tips on how to perfect it:

And an entire post on the Kettlebell Row and variations of it, like the Renegade Row:

The Kettlebell Row

2. Front Squats

Kettlebell Front Squats are one of the best kettlebell exercises for your abs. They force you to stabilize a weight in front of you and maintain a neutral spine (if you’re doing the exercise right, that is) through a very real-world and functional movement – squatting! Here’s the full article on how to do the Kettlebell Squat:

The Kettlebell Squat

3. The Turkish Get Up

The Turkish Get Up is another fantastic exercise for your abs that can be performed using kettlebells. It is, however, highly technical – here’s an article on this blog about how to perform it properly:

The Turkish Get Up

The Quick Start Guide manual and video series also covers how to do the Turkish Get Up in detail.

So there you have three great kettlebell exercises for the abs – the Renegade Row, the Front Squat, and the Turkish Get Up.  Incorporate these exercises into your existing routine and start reaping the benefits today!!

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  1. You will find so many myths on how to really get washboard abdominals. For a single thing you don’t have to do hundreds of basic crunches on the flooring. By performing this you’re straining your neck and barely working your ab muscles like you are supposed to. For ideas on six pack abs routines study on.

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