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I’ve reviewed and talked about quite a few different kettlebell-related products and services here on  AndI know that quite a few of you out there are, well, just crazy about kettlebells and want to know about all the latest and coolest kettlebell stuff.  So here’s a list of all the products and services I’ve reviewed on

Full disclosure on this post: Some of the links to the following products are affiliate links – meaning that I get a commission if you click on these links and end up buying the product. But these are all great products that I use myself and enjoy, and this is why I’m recommending them.

Dragon Door Kettlebells

There are a ton of different kettlebells out there at quite a few different price points – while I certainly haven’t trained with all of them, I have used quite a few, and I like Dragon Door the best, plain and simple.

These KB’s are very well balanced, they have a nice smooth handle, they’re built to a high quality standard – check out this post for more details:

Dragon Door Kettlebell Review

Enter The Kettlebell

This is a basic manual by Pavel that gives you an awesome template for getting started with kettlebells. Gives you a program for building size and strength using the kettlebell as a stand alone tool. Pavel’s writing style also keeps you entertained. Check out the full review here:

Enter The Kettlebell Review

The Gym Boss Interval Timer

This is cool because a lot of kettlebell workouts – maybe even most – are going to have some time element to them – for example, the circuit workouts we do in the Quick Start Guide.

You can just use a regular stopwatch for this, but if you want to take things to the next level and make your life easier, be able to program different intervals and have the flexibility to do all kinds of stuff, the GymBoss interval timer is killer. You can read more about this on the recommended resources page or read the full review here:

The GymBoss Interval Timer

The HKC Kettlebell Certification

The Russian Kettlebell Challenge was an awesome experience for me and was one of the most memorable training experiences of my life. But it’s not for everyone – some people don’t want to go to this level of commitment financially or physically.  The new HKC certification is a great alternative.

This cert costs about five or six hundred bucks, it’s a one-day seminar and it teaches you the essential basic kettlebell moves. You can also apply the cost of this cert to the RKC in the next year which is pretty cool. Here’s the full review:

The Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification

The Kettlebell Goddess DVD

Not to say that men and women should really be training much differently, but when it comes down to it, many times a different kind of approach is going to work for men vs. women.

This video is focused on and caters towards females – check out the review here:

A Kettlebell Workout For Women

Viking Warrior Conditioning

This review actually isn’t on this blog, but I had to throw it in – it’s an awesome program. It’s a totally insane kettlebell cardio program that, if you can last through, will get you into incredible cardio condition. It worked wonders for me; check out the review here:

Kettlebell Cardio Fitness: Viking Warrior Conditioning

Kettlebells From The Ground Up

Specialty DVD and manual from Grey Cook, RKC, world-renowned Physical Therapist and creator of the CK-FMS certification, and Brett Jones, Master RKC. This is a product that breaks down the special RKC-style Turkish Get Up to great detail and teaches you how to perform it as both an assessment tool and corrective exercise. Highly recommended product if you have pain from old injuries, have movement imbalances that need fixing, or if you’re just struggling to learn the Get Up:

Kettlebells From The Ground Up Review

Return Of The Kettlebell

Pavel’s follow-up to Enter the Kettlebell. It’s a guide all about getting big and strong with explosive kettlebell training.  The focus of ETK is on single kettlebell training, while the focus of Return of the Kettlebell is on double kettlebell training.  You’ll learn the Double Clean, the Double Snatch, the Double Press and the Double Clean and Jerk:

Product Review: Return Of The Kettlebell

Kettlebell Diet Plans Reviewed

This article is an overview of three different ‘diet’ plans popular in the kettlebell community; I talk about the Primal Blueprint, the Warrior Diet, and my own Best Fat Loss Diet – learn more by reading the full article below:

The Perfect Kettlebell Training Diet?

Kettlebell Gym Essentials

I talk about a couple of pieces of training equipment that are staples in my own kettlebell gym in this article:

Build Your Own Kettlebell Gym: 3 Essentials

Kettlebell Muscle

This article reviews Geoff Nupert’s book, “Kettlebell Muscle,” which explains how to build muscle through kettlebell training.

Geoff Nupert’s Kettlebell Muscle

All of these kettlebell – related products and services are tools that will help you with your kettlebell training and make your life easier. I’ve used all of them personally and couldn’t recommend them more. Keep training hard!!

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  1. Mike Polk

    I took your recommendation awhile back, and I have to say that the Gymboss timer is the most useful thing I have bought in a long time. It makes workouts a whole lot easier. Thanks for the tip!

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