Kettlebell Basics Book Review: Enter The Kettlebell

Enter the Kettlebell Book

Enter the Kettlebell by Pavel gives you a complete template for conditioning, size and strength using the kettlebell as a stand-alone tool.  Pavel’s incredible knowledge and sense of humor also make it an enjoyable read.  If you’re trying to learn or refine the basics of kettlebell training, Enter the Kettlebell is without a doubt one of the best resources around.

Pavel kicks things off by giving a short overview of what kettlebells are, and all the reasons why they’re probably perfectly suited for your fitness goals.  He takes you through a very basic self-movement assessment and provides a quick warm-up and a couple of corrective stretches.  He gives you the ‘basic’ program, the program minumum – the PM uses only two kettlebell exercises but is simply amazing in moving you towards a greater base of conditioning and strength.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I personally actually lost body fat and gained muscle doing this routine exclusively.  One of the most amazing things is it’s efficacy – four workouts a week which amount to less that an hour a week – total! – of working out.

The next step is the ROP, or Rite of Passage, and Pavel gives you a great template to help you become a ‘man among men’: 200 snatches with a 24k kb in 10 minutes and a 1/2 body weight single arm clean and press.  Complete this goal and you’ll be one strong – and top notch conditioned – mo’ ‘fo.

This is the book that righted the ship for me. I swung around a kettlebell in my back yard for a month or two before purchasing the book with really nothing to show for it.  After reading through it several times and taking meticulous notes, and following both programs in it to a ‘T’, I made some great progress with regards to my conditioning, strength, and kettlebell technique.  If you haven’t ordered Enter The Kettlebell by Pavel yet, make sure you do so right away by clicking HERE!

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