MORE Kettlebell Exercises For Abs

This is (at least) the third post I’ve done on kettlebell exercises for abs … but given that almost everyone wants to lose belly fat … and given that if you’re reading this blog, you’re a fan of kettlebells … it’s one of those topics most of us probably can’t get enough of 🙂

Enjoy this video from fellow RKC Chris Lopez – in it, he covers five kettlebell exercises you should be doing for your abs, but probably aren’t.  In addition to showing us some cool and unique kettlebell moves, Chris does a great job of covering the critical coaching points of each exercise in detail.

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Video Recap (exercise descriptions)

Reverse Ab Curl

You will need a relatively light kettlebell depending on how strong your abs are. You will be using a medicine ball or a light ball, like a basketball.  Be sure it is tucked in-between your heels and butt, this occupies your hamstrings and forces your hip flexors to relax and allow your lower abs and obliques to work on getting your knees up to your elbows.  Use the kettlebell above your head for leverage, the lighter you go, the harder it will be for your abs to work.  Be sure to keep your back flat and curl up and repeat.  Make sure the kettlebell on top of you isn’t lifting off of the ground, if it is use a heavier weight.

Push-Away Squat

Start the exercise by holding a light kettlebell in a gauntlet position.  Think about front squatting, but at the same time, drive the bell away and keep your back as straight as you possibly can.  This works your shoulders and abs.  Your body will want to somewhat collapse and your abs will start to fire and brace, try to keep your spine straight.

Renegade Row

If you don’t have two kettlebells, you can use a platform or a couple of thick books. In addition to your back, it works your obliques.  Prevent any rotation in your hips, squeeze your glutes, and brace your abs to resist any rotation going on in your torso as you are moving the weight up.  The wider your feet are in the exercise, the easier it will be.  Place one hand on the platform, the other on the kettlebell and row.

Opposite Hip Touch

Same as the renegade row, make sure you aren’t twisting during the movement. Brace your abs, place your shoulders over the top of your elbows and your elbows above your wrists, squeeze your glutes, and rotate your hand to the opposite side and return.  Repeat the motion with the other side.

Spider Man Climb

Get yourself into a push up position with your toes together, take one leg and drive it all the way forward as far as you can, with this leg forward, keep your hips low and squeeze your glute, then bring your leg back under control without moving your torso or hips.

PS – Chris Lopez, RKC has a lot of knowledge on using kettlebells for fat loss – click here to learn more about his unique workout methods: Kettlebell Revolution

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