Kettlebell and TRX Workout

I’ve had a TRX and’ve used it for basic things like body rows, chest presses, etc. in workouts for the last couple of years … and to be honest, I always thought it was cool, but wasn’t completely sold on it as a training modality …

But it wasn’t until I went through the TRX Suspension Training Course a couple of months ago that I realized the power of suspension training and just how well it compliments working out with kettlebells.

The TRX picks up where KB’s leave off – a few reasons why:

  • KB training is largely stable in nature, while the TRX adds an element of instability to your training
  • The TRX’s strengths – like horizonal pushing and pulling and single leg movements – are some of KB training’s weaknesses
  • The TRX uses your own body weight as resistance while the KB is an external resistance tool

SO – here is a great kettlebell and TRX workout to get you started (I just did it myself the other day, try it at your own risk, it’s a smoker!):

Do three rounds of the first pair of exercises as fast as possible.  Rest for one to two minutes, complete the second and third exercise pairs in the same fashion.

  • 20 KB goblet squats
  • 10 TRX atomic push ups
  • 12 kettlebell goblet lunges (ea side)
  • 15 TRX inverted rows
  • 20 KB swings
  • 10 TRX burpees

In conclusion, TRX and kettlebells are a great training tool combination. They compliment each other’s strengths and weaknesses perfectly and make for an efficient, effective, and flat out tough workout routine.

Train hard and talk soon –


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