Kettlebell Half Turkish Get Up

I’ve been sending you a ton of kettlebell workouts lately –

So I thought we’d go “back to basics” for a minute and go over some technique stuff.

If you’re new to KB training or if you’re still not 100% sure of your form on some of the exercises … my advice to you is to focus on TWO moves to start – the Turkish get up and the swing.

Even if this is just for a short time, like a couple of weeks – REALLY focus in on these puppies get them down. This will build a great foundation for the rest of your training and keep you from having to go back and correct bad habits later on down the road.

The swing is the foundation of most HardStyle ballistic movements, like the clean and the snatch.

The Turkish get up will help condtion your wrists for your cleans and presses and snatches, build shoulder mobility for these same moves, and a whole lot more.

Today I’m going to break down the “beginner” version of the first movement, the Turkish get up.

This video actually breaks down the HALF TGU – a great, more simple version of the move you should do if 1) you are just learning 2) you are looking to keep things simple (like in a group training setting) or 3) you just want to get a lot of the benefits of the movement in a more “basic” way.

Check it out:

Kettlebell Half Turkish Get Up

Start practicing that one, and I’ll be back soon with a video breakdown of the kettlebell swing.

– Forest Vance, MS, RKC


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