HardStyle Kettlebell Swing Learning Progression

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I mentioned last time that since we’ve been covering a lot on kettlebell workouts lately, that we’d be going “back to basics” for a minute and talking about some technique stuff.

Whether you’re just getting started or you’re an experienced KB enthusiast, this stuff is KEY to getting the most out of your training.

Now then …


If you’re new to KB training or if you’re still not 100% sure of your form on some of the exercises … my advice to you is to focus on JUST two moves to start – the Turkish get up and the swing.

The Turkish get up will help condtion your wrists for your cleans and presses and snatches, build shoulder mobility for these same moves, and a whole lot more.

=> If you missed the article and video I put up over the weekend on the TGU, click here to see it now


Today we’re going to talk about the kettlebell swing.

The swing is the foundation of most HardStyle ballistic movements, like the clean and the snatch.

In the today’s video, you’ll find a super basic technique progression to learn the proper movement pattern in the HardStyle kettlebell swing … this is great if you’re just getting started OR even if you’ve been training with kettlebells for a while.

Follow the progression and use the tips in the video … practice them … and you’ll be well on your way to KB swing mastery:

HardStyle Kettlebell Swing Learning Progression

Hope that helps – and fire away with your questions in the comments section below!


Forest Vance, MS, RKC

PS – What did you think of today’s video?  Was it helpful?  What other topics can I help you with in the future?  More KB technique/training tips?  More sample workouts?  Let me know in the comments section below!

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