Double Kettlebell Strength – Density Superset Workout

Density training is defined simply as the amount of volume done over time. It’s a GREAT method for building muscle and shedding fat.

In today’s workout, for example, you’ll do as many rounds as you can of (3) double kettlebell front squats and (2) double kettlebell military presses in 15 minutes. Then, when you come back and re-visit the training session next time, you’ll see if you can do MORE total sets in the same time period.

This style of training is amazing for adding lean muscle, jacking your cardio through the roof, and burning a lot of calories in a short amount of time.

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It’s also a great way to measure progression – because you can very simply see if you improved on your performance from your last workout or not

Today I have a double kettlebell strength – density superset workout for you to try – give it a go, and let me know how you do!


Double Kettlebell Strength – Density Superset Workout


Video Recap

Today I’m going to run you through a double kettlebell strength density superset workout.

This is going to consist of two different exercises. We’re going to do a double kettlebell front squat and a double kettlebell military press.

We’re doing three kettlebell front squats, two double kettlebell military presses for as many rounds as we can in fifteen minutes.

Keep track of the weight that you use. You should be able to go pretty heavy for this one.

Also keep track of how many rounds you get. If you’re doing the actual Kettlebell for Fighters program, which is a six week program, you’ll try to improve on the number of rounds and/or the weight that you use each week. It’s a progressive way which is how you should be structuring your programming for maximum results.

Let’s walk through the flow of the workout …

First, set your timer, get warmed up and make sure you are ready to rock.

Start with the kettlebell double front squat. Start with the kettlebells out in front, I’m going to have them backwards in a bit of a “V” position. I’m going to go back, clean them up to the shoulders, adjust my feet in just a tad, good solid rack position, thumbs touch the collarbones, forearms straight up and down. It’s just like I’m sitting down onto a box. Accelerate out of the bottom, pushing my feet through the floor to stand up.

Now there are two options from here. I can go straight to my press if I’m feeling strong or I can put them down on the ground and rest for a second.

Elbows right underneath the shoulders and hands when I’m pressing. Max body tension. Abs are tight and I’m breathing out through that sticking point.

Now we bring them back down. Set them down, shake it out and go back to another set.

So remember, you’ve got fifteen minutes. Rest as needed. This is going to be a lot more challenging than you might think. It seems really basic on paper but it is a tough workout. So let’s say you get ten rounds the first week try again later and see if you can get eleven. We’re trying to build on that. Remember, it’s a density superset so as many rounds as you can in fifteen minutes.

That’s about it! A real simple workout but TOUGH.

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