Single KB 20 Minute Circuit Workout

The first two days of every month, we do a Challenge Workout in all of our boot camp sessions at FVT.

These workouts are high intensity, strength-endurance style sessions that are scored in some way … and we repeat each Challenge several times throughout the year, so that folks can see how their fitness level is improving over time.

Check out this 20 minute circuit workout – it’s based off of this month’s FVT Boot Camp Challenge Workout, but tweaked slightly, so that you can do it in around 20 minutes, with just a single kettlebell.


– Forest


Single KB 20 Minute Circuit Workout

– 10 single arm KB swings / side
– 10 recline rows
– 5 KB presses / side
– 15 box jumps OR bench jumps OR squat jumps
– 12 walking lunges per side
– 7 burpees
– 15 push ups
– 7 hanging knee raises OR hollow rocks
– 30 jumping jacks

Do four rounds as fast as possible.


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