[new video] Kettlebell Deadlift Variation to Nail the Hip Hinge

The hip hinging movement is something a lot of people struggle with.

It can be hard to both learn and coach. But it’s CRITCIAL to master before you even THINK about swinging a kettlebell.

Here is a kettlebell deadlift variation – called the Face Away from Wall Deadlift – that will help you nail the hip hinge:

Some coaching points:

— Set up facing away from the wall, with your heels approx 18-24 inches away
— The KB is set up between the feet, even with the insteps or even a little further back towards the heels
— Start the move by driving your hips back towards the wall
— The idea is to get that feeling of loading up the hips and hamstrings, pushing your butt backwards, and keeping the back flat

One of the best ways to use this is to do 5-10 reps of the drill right before you do KB swings. It will help you get into the groove and feel the movement pattern and the correct muscles to be using in the swing.

Again – when you do this drill – you are trying to “reach” your hips back towards the wall. Do NOT let your back round. You should have a nice straight line from your hip to your shoulder to your ear when you are at the bottom of the move.

This is one of the drills we use that proves HIGHLY successful to help people “get” the movement. So if you struggle with the hip hinge movement, try this drill today, and see if it helps.

– Forest Vance
Certified Kettlebell Instructor

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