“Beg for Mercy” – Upper Body KB Crusher

It’s Friday the 13th.

So in honor of this special day, I present to you the “Beg for Mercy” – Upper Body KB Crusher …

… because it’s a KILLER! ….and begging for mercy is what you’ll be doing by the end πŸ™‚

Give it a try today:

“Beg for Mercy” – Upper Body KB Crusher
from the Ultimate KB Results Package


KB Presses – Do four ladders up to 3 reps each.

The pressing ladders will look like this:

C+P right
C+P left
clean, 2 presses right
clean, 2 presses left
clean, 3 presses right
clean, 3 presses left

2 – BURNER – set your timer for 12 minutes, get as many rounds as possible!

3 pull ups (use band assist if needed, OR do 9 inverted rows)
5 dips (use low bars and foot assistance if needed)
7 push ups (knees OR toes)
9 KB swings


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