[new vid] Hollow Hold Progression

Many people make the mistake of attempting exercises that are too advanced, without first establishing a proper base of core strength.

For most adults, building this foundation – as well as re-gaining lost mobility and flexibility – is the key to improved performance, moving better, reducing pain and feeling great!

One fantastic drill that will help you with core strength-endurance, learning how to shape your body as a single unit, improving your posture, and MUCH more, is the hollow hold.

In today’s video, we cover some simple progressions to help you learn the drill, and work up to some more advanced / different variations of it.

Hope it helps!

– The FVT Team


For strengthening your core and re-gaining lost mobility / flexibility, I also recommend you check this out:


REGENERATE is a simple recovery program, designed specifically for lifters and athletes.

It is a combination of yoga poses, static stretches, core exercises and more combined into simple sequences that take 3 to 6 minutes to do, that require no special equipment.

Not to mention, they will also help you reduce chronic pain, improve mobility / flexibility, and feel amazing!

Simple recovery for lifters and athletes:


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