10 Minute Single Kettlebell Workout

More and more research has shown that you can introduce more than enough stress to your skeletomuscular system, respiratory system, and central nervous system to obtain the training adaptations you’re looking for in as little as 10 minutes time.

How you ask?

By focusing more so on the quality of both the exercise you choose, and the execution of it.

The truth is, “Training Economy” is the aspect of most lifters training routine that is holding them back.

They’re choosing “low return on investment” exercises that simply don’t achieve enough of what we’re looking to achieve in the time span that we have to achieve it.

Enter – the kettlebell.

Essentially, every kettlebell exercise you do is a power packed movement that right off the bat places more of the overall stress on your body that is requires to obtain the ideal results in both the performance and aesthetics department that you’re looking for.

And when you combine the fact that each kettlebell exercise offers you the unique ability to get more done with every exercise you do, with the fact that you will perform these kettlebell workouts in a circuit format, you’ve got the perfect recipe for workouts that allow you to accomplish EVERYTHING (speed, strength, explosiveness, size, & fat-loss) in a matter of minutes instead of hours.

Try the workout below as an example:


10 Minute Single Kettlebell Workout
Sample Workout – Met-Con 6

5 Rounds:

(a) Single Arm Snatch (5 reps/arm)
(b) Anti-Lateral Flexion Overhead Press (5 reps/arm)
(c) Anti-Rotation Row (5 reps/arm)
(d) Single Arm Farmers Walk (100 ft./arm)

» Rest 2 minutes between rounds «

*Perform ALL exercises of the circuit on one arm before switching arms. Do not rest until you have completed all reps on each side.*


Just 10 minutes, and you’ve burned a lot of body fat, in just a little bit of time.

Give that one a go, and let us know how you do!

And if you like it, also be sure to check out the full Met-Con 6 program at the link below:

Met-Con 6

To your success! –

– Forest Vance

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