“300” – 42 Day KB Challenge – BENCHMARK WORKOUT

Here is your benchmark workout for the upcoming “300” – 42 Day KB Challenge.

“300” – 42 Day KB Challenge <<== apply here

The idea behind this workout is that it gives you a great “benchmark” to measure your progress.

We do it both at the beginning and end of the Challenge, so you can see if you can do better push ups, more swings, etc.

What makes the Challenge unique is that we have a very specific, progressive plan that is going to help you actually get better and stronger and DO better at the workout, at the end of the 6 weeks.

(And in the process, you will end up losing fat, gaining muscle, and getting into fantastic shape.)

Plus, there is a ton of accountability – you check in every time you work out, and we actually keep track of who is checking in and make sure to reach out if you don’t – so it helps you actually DO the workouts too 🙂

Okay – here we go:



“300” – 42 Day KB Challenge – BENCHMARK WORKOUT

TIER 1 (for beginners / those just getting back into it)

5 1 arm press right (8k women / 16k men)
5 1 arm press left (8k women / 16k men)
15 2 arm KB swings (12k women / 20k men)
10 push ups with hands elevated waist-level box or bench
5 bodyweight lunges right
5 bodyweight lunges left
10 recline rows
5 burpees

Complete 5 rounds for time

TIER 2 (for intermediates and advanced)

5 1 arm press right (12k women / 24k men)
5 1 arm press left (12k women / 24k men)
10 1 arm KB swings right (16k women / 24k men)
10 1 arm KB swings left (16k women / 24k men)
10 standard push ups
10 KB goblet lunges right (12k women / 24k men)
10 KB goblet lunges left (12k women / 24k men)
5 pull ups
10 burpees

Complete 4 rounds for time



Give that workout a go if you want!

See how you do.

Then – if you want a specific, progressive plan – WITH coaching and accountability and feedback to make it happen – to help you improve at this workout over the next 6 weeks, apply for our “300” – 42 Day KB Challenge at the link below:

“300” – 42 Day KB Challenge (spots limited to 25)

Look forward to hearing from you!

– Forest Vance

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