Sally Up Sally Down Kettlebell Squat Challenge

I was in my garage this morning during the lockdown doing a kettlebell workout… I did the Sally Up Sally Down kettlebell squat challenge.. and thought, why not hop on video and do it live?!?

I used a 24 kilo / 53 pound… kettlebell you can go up or down on that weight – or do it with no weight at all! – depending on your fitness level and goals.

This workout is no joke! Watch through ’till the end if you want to see me suffering! 😂


Did you know: the Sally Up Sally Down Kettlebell Squat Challenge is a type of isometric workout?

It’s true.

(This would be “yielding”, where you are resisting the urge to move and trying to maintain a position)

Check out this full 8-week program that uses isometrics to get you strong and fit from anywhere:

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Keep training hard, and here’s to your continued success –


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