Top 4 Kettlebells For Fat Loss Resources

Judging the feedback I get from readers of this blog and my own personal training clients, fat loss seems to be a goal on the top of most kettlebell trainee’s minds. So here’s a short list of four great resources to help you learn more about using kettlebells for fat loss:

1. Kettlebells for fat loss article on from Senior RKC David Whitley

This article breaks down all the important aspects of a fat loss program – no matter what tools you’re using to do it – and gives three different sample kettlebells for fat loss plans. Some solid, totally free programs to help you lose fat with kettlebells.

2. TRX Kettlebell: Iron Circuit Conditioning

This is an awesome new DVD set that features chief RKC instructor Pavel Tsatsouline and Chris Frankel, TRX® Head of Programming. It combines together two great fat burning and conditioning tools – the TRX® suspension trainer and the kettlebell – for one hell of a workout routine. Check out the video trailer – it’ll get you fired up, I promise 🙂

3. Barbell, Kettlebell, and Dumbbell Complexes to Take Your Body to a New Level of Hardness and Conditioning

This training article from Truth About Six Pack Abs author Mike Geary details the use of complexes – including those using kettlebells – for fat loss. If you’ve never heard of complexes before, the basic concept is that instead of repeating the same exercise for multiple reps to complete a set, you sequence one rep of several different exercises right after one another and repeat the sequence several times to complete a set. It’s a training technique I talk about in my Quick Start Guide and one you should, without a doubt, be incorporating into your programming if your goal is fat loss.

4. The Kettlebells for Fat Loss Workouts – Kettlebells For Fat Loss Workout 1 + Kettlebells For Fat Loss Workout 2

This is a two-part article series I did about a month back that details two different kettlebell routines for fat loss. These workouts would be another totally free starting point if you’re looking to get started asap with using kettlebells for fat loss.

Another side note: As you (hopefully) already know, diet is a huge factor in reaching your fat loss goals. A great addition to any of these workouts would be the Best Fat Loss diet plan from yours truly – for more info on that, click here: The Best Fat Loss Diet

So there you have four different workout programs to chose from to get you started working towards your fat loss goals. Ultimately, pick a program (all of the above are solidly designed programs that will get you to your goals), stick with it and get after it!! Training hard and training consistently is what it’s all about. And let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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