Cool Kettlebell Juggling Videos

Today’s post is a bit of a change of pace – I typically cover the basics of kettlebell training on this blog and focus mostly on the mastery and variations of the ‘big 5’ kettlebell exercises (the swing, turkish get up, goblet squat, clean and press, and snatch).

There’s no denying that folks are doing all kinds of crazy stuff with kettlebells outside of these fundamental drills (some good, some bad – but that’s a discussion for another day 🙂 ).  And once you’ve learned and mastered the basics, incorporating some advanced drills like the ones covered in these videos can help ‘kick start’ you out of a training plateau and keep your workouts interesting.  I hope you enjoy these videos I’ve hand-picked from YouTube that showcase some unique kettlebell training methods:

Kettlebell Lifting Team Footage

Think anything you can do with a kettlebell you can do with a dumbbell? This video will make you think again:

Kettlebell Juggling – Jeff Martone

Jeff Martone is an awesome kettlebell instructor – he’s a former RKC guy who is now involved with CrossFit. In this video, he shows some of the kettlebell juggling stuff he’s gained notoriety for:

Beginner Kettlebell Juggling Moves

In this video from Australian Kettlebells, some basics of kettlebell juggling are covered – good starting point if you’re looking to incorporate some beginner kettlebell juggling exercises into your workouts:

I hope you enjoyed these kettlebell juggling videos and that they give you some ideas to take your KB workouts to the next level. Keep training hard and talk to you soon!

Forest Vance, RKC

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