Kettlebell/Body Weight ‘Heavy Day’ Mud Run Workout

Last year, we put together a training group at my fitness center for one of the biggest mud run events in the U.S.

(I would share the exact name with you, but they actually contacted us and threatened legal action for using their name on our website.  Ha!  So I’ll leave it out this time 😉 )

The workouts were super intense, and a lot of fun.  So as springtime rolls in and the weather gets better here in Northern California, we are going to start up another outdoor training/mud run prep program.

I am currently in the process of getting things organized for the coming program, and have been going through the workouts that we did.  So I thought it would be cool to share one with you (it was one of my personal favorites!) to try over the weekend …

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Kettlebell/Body Weight ‘Heavy Day’ Mud Run Workout


Warm Up


For each move, I’ve put a “general” movement pattern to choose from … I’ve also included a couple of example exercises you could do if you can’t think of any off the top of your head.

1. Cardio (run in place, jumping jack, etc.)
2. Lower body move (lunge, squat)
3. Upper body pressing move (push up, mountain climber)
4. Upper body pull (body row, pull up)
5. Total body ab exercise (plank, side plank)

Perform each exercise for ~:30 each, take no rest between exercises, and complete two to three rounds of the sequence total.




Pair 1

kettlebell swing – 15 reps
see saw press – 8 reps each

Do three sets of each exercise, resting minimally between sets. Make sure to use a challenging weight for both the swings and the see saw presses. If you only have one KB, you can do 5-8 straight reps on each side for the presses.


Pair 2

pull up – max reps minus one
walking lunge – 12 each leg

Set a timer for five minutes. Do as many rounds as you can of the above pair of movements. You should be able to get at LEAST four rounds in the alloted time.


Pair 3

push up – 15
bicep curl – 15

Perform three sets of each exercise, as fast and with as little rest as possible. Use a kettlebell, a pair of dumbbells, or resistance bands to do the curls.

We are putting together a training group for the mud run season at my fitness center as the weather gets better here in Northern California.  In the process of getting things organized, I stumbled across one of my favorite workouts from last year’s program – and thought it would be cool to share it with you here, to try over the weekend!

Enjoy, and talk soon –

Forest Vance, CPT, RKC II


PS – I am shooting a video of this workout, with exercise demos, etc., and will have it ready for you by tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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