Get STRONG With Kettlebells (part 1)

The best way to reach any training goal is to focus on it, and it alone, for a period of time.  Until you reach it.

Put another way, trying to lose fat, AND gain strength, AND get your first pistol squat, AND do more pull ups, etc. – all at the same time – is NOT the most efficient way to do things.  It’s also a mistake that, unfortunately, I see a lot of folks make with their training.

For example – let’s say you want to get stronger.  Focus on that.  Make sure the program you’re doing is oriented towards this goal.  Make sure you’re eating adequate kcals/protein/etc. to support your training goal.  Stay for a while.  Don’t bounce around from workout to workout.  THEN – once you have reached your strength goal – can you move on to fat loss, or running faster, or doing more pull ups, or whatever.

Make sense?

Okay … now that we have that part out of the way 😉 … I have a new “kettlebells for strength” workout for you today.  This one of my favorite kettlebell and body weight – based strength workouts … I just finished a six week cycle on it myself, and was able to get stronger in every lift in the program, and put on some new muscle mass in the process.

It is a little different that many KB workouts that I post here, in that it is a body part split … you’ll focus on all your “pushing” muscles in the “A” workout, and all of your “pulling” muscles in the “B” session.  If you’re trying to get stronger – and add some muscle mass in the process – it’s a great way to train. 

Today, I will post up the first half of the workout. Then, I will post up the second half in a follow up article – along with a more detailed explaination of how to put the whole thing together.


KB’s for Muscle – Workout A


1) TGU’s
Do one ‘naked’ on each side (no added weight) and then three more on each side, switching sides each rep.

*Here is an article and video with a few tips on how to improve your Turkish get up technique:

=> The Turkish Get Up Broken Down Into Steps


2) Push Ups
Do three sets of max reps with 30 seconds of rest between sets. Pick a Push Up variation that’s challenging for you – you shouldn’t be able to complete more than 20 reps on the first set.


3) KB Presses
Do three ladders up to 5 reps each. The pressing ladders will look like this:

Clean and Press Right
Clean and Press Left
Clean, 2 Presses Right
Clean, 2 Presses Left
Clean, 3 Presses Right

* Here are some tips to help you boost your pressing strength:

=> Instantly Boost Your KB Pressing Power


4) Bar Dips
Do three sets of max reps just like you did with the Push Ups.


Okay! That’s it for today. Hope you enjoy the workout – talk soon, and be back with part “B” very soon –


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