Simple HIIT Workout

Running is still one of the best ways to get a great workout in a short amount of time.

It is a fantastic compliment to your kettlebell training – or body weight training, or barbell training, or whatever else you have going.

Personally, I run most “off” days when I am not lifting KB’s or barbells, or doing a body – weight based workout of some kind (two or three times per week on average).

We also run, in some form, at least a couple of times per week during our boot camp workouts at the FVT studio.

Now all that being said … just going out for a jog or run with no specific plan in mind, is NOT the best way to structure your running workouts.

It of course depends on what your ultimate fitness goals are and what you are training for specifically … but if you are looking to lose fat, maintain and increase cardio fitness, and get a lean, defined physique … the best way to do this is through High Intensity Interval Training, otherwise known as HIIT.

HIIT is a training technique in which you give high-intensity effort through quick bursts of exercise, followed by short, sometimes active, recovery periods.  This type of training gets and keeps your heart rate up, and burns more fat in less time.

Watch the video below for one simple, fun, and EFFECTIVE way to structure your next HIIT workout.  A great start would be to do this one a couple of times per week in addition to your current program.  And let me know how it goes in the comments section below!

Thanks, train hard, and talk soon –

Forest Vance, MS, RKC

PS – As I mentioned earlier in today’s article … if you are after a lean, defined, ripped physique … sprint workouts like the one in today’s video should without a doubt be included in your plan.  But, for maximum results, you ALSO need to be structuring your resistance training in a specific way for that goal.

To do that, the program I recommend is the Lean Body Guide, from my friend Jason Klein.

The entire system is based around this concept of using strategic cardio AND resistance traning in a specific way to get that lean, “movie-star” look you’re after.  It’s a program built specifically for this goal, and it’s a great one.  Click HERE to learn more about it and grab your copy at a discount today.

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