The Thoracic Bridge

Here we have the thoracic bridge. This is a FANTASTIC move I picked up from Senior RKC Max Shank at a workshop earlier this year … it’s great for:

— improving hip mobility
— improving thoracic spine mobility
— improving shoulder mobility

And a whole lot more.

I was having some trouble with the double kettlebell jerk during the workshop – my thoracic / shoulder mobility was just not there going in to do the movement well.

SO, I worked these thoracic bridges for a good 10 mins … and it was AMAZING the difference it made! I went from a “just okay” double KB jerk, to a nearly perfect one!!

Try it for yourself. Do an exercise or movement you have trouble with. Then watch the video, do a few thoracic bridges on each side, and try the movement you were having trouble with again. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

– Forest Vance, RKC II


PS – In case you were wondering, this video is actually a short clip from my Kettlebell / Body Weight Hybrid Strength Workout … more details on the full program here:

=> Kettlebell / Body Weight Hybrid Strength Workout

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