Why Your Squat Isn’t Getting Stronger (NOT what you think)

A lot of experts say that the squat is the king of all exercises.

Of course, there will always be a bit of debate to be had … about if this is the true “KING” of all exercises out there … some people will agree, and some people won’t.

BUT … what matters most is … if you get stronger in the squat, you’ll end up getting strong all over as well. You can’t deny that.

So then, the question becomes – HOW to get your squats stronger?

Do you just keep adding weight to the bar? Is there some sort of special set/rep scheme you should be following?

Interestingly, it’s NOT always just an issue of strength.

Of course we can always keep trying to add more weight to the bar in hope of getting ourselves stronger … but if that’s all it took, we’d have a LOT more people walking around with bigger squats, right?

What could very well be holding you back from a stronger squat is MOBLITY. You need to be able to move your body through a better range of motion, more efficiently.

Because the better you move, the stronger you’ll get in the long run.

If all you do is keep trying to add weight to the bar in hopes of getting stronger – and if you’re not moving well – you’ll end up running into problems. You’ll be reinforcing terrible movement patterns, which will NOT help you get stronger … and in all likelyhood, you’ll end up getting injured as well.

The solution is to re-learn how to MOVE properly … and if you’re trying to improve your squat, re-learn how to do the actual squat movement itself.

Do that, and you’ll see your strength levels BLAST off the charts.

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It’s an All-In-One squatting system that will no doubt help you gain massive amounts of strength.

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That’s it for now. Start working on moving better, and see your squat numbers go up faster than you ever thought possible.

Train hard, and talk soon –

Forest Vance, MS, RKC II

PS – Almost forgot – got a new video up for you today on this same topic. A simple starting point for improving your mobility on the barbell back squat is the kettlebell goblet squat.  Check it out below:

Kettlebell Squat Progression

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