How to Fix KB Low Back Pain (kettlebell “best of” series, part 1)

I originally got certified through the RKC in 2009.

Since, I’ve worked with over 1000 in-person kettlebell clients …

I’ve led and assisted with kettlebell workshops locally, and all around the US …

And I’ve also written over 500 articles, shot over 200 videos, and created over a dozen products / home study courses … on the topic of kettlebells.

Man – when I list it out like that, it sounds like a lot! 🙂

Anyway … I woke up this morning … thinking about and planning our content creation for the coming month … and I thought … there is a LOT of great kettlebell – related content I’ve put out over the years, that the VAST MAJORITY of my audience hasn’t seen!

And that’s why I’m going to do a series of posts / emails / videos, highlighting some of the most popular content I’ve put out over the years.

Today we’re going to kick it off with one of my most popular videos. This one goes through a 90 second trick that has helped a LOT of folks with fixing the low back pain they’re experiencing from kettlebell swings.

Watch the video below:

And if it helps, would love to hear your thoughts!

Be back soon with part 2 of the FVT Kettlebell “Best Of” Series.

– Forest Vance
Certified Kettlebell Instructor

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