[video] Log PT, Stair Crawls, Kettlebell Circuit

Any discussion about the fittest men and women in the world HAS to include “tactical athletes” at some point.

These folks have to maintain elite levels of fitness not as an option, but as a NECESSITY. Being out of shape for them could be a matter of life or death.

So it makes sense that we can ALL benefit from training in a “tactical style”. Balancing strength work, power training and high intensity intervals can get you lean, strong, and in top physical condition.

Today, I have a workout for you to try from Stew Smith.  I found it on YouTube and thought it was a great example of a tactical fitness training.  Check it out:


Log PT, Stair Crawls, Kettlebell Circuit

— log push press – 1 minute
— backwards bear crawls up stairs, bear crawl down stairs forwards (takes approx 1 min)
— 1 minute kettlebell work – your choice
— pull ups – varied – 1 minute
— abs / rest – 1 minute

Do 5 rounds total.

Watch the video that shows you how to do this workout here:


Can you see from that video how the tactical fitness approach can be beneficial to ANYONE looking to lose fat, gain lean muscle, and get into top physical condition?

Add today’s workout on one of your total body / metabolic conditioning training days this week, and feel the power for yourself.

And be sure to check out:

=> Specforce Tactical Fitness System

To learn more about MY personal favorite “tactical fitness” training program.

Train hard, talk soon –

– Forest Vance
Certified Personal Trainer
Master of Science, Human Movement

PS – You might think video that plays when you click over to check out the Specforce Tactical Fitness System is a little over the top.  I got a few emails back when we sent out a link to it yesterday. Personally – it gets me fired up 🙂 The PROGRAM behind it is SOLID though, I can tell you that – and it gets my stamp of approval.

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