3 Tips to Improve Your KB Clean (kettlebell “best of” series, part 3)

The FVT Kettlebell “Best Of” Series is a hit!

I decided to do this post / article / video series because … in a recent reviewing / planning session … I realized that we have SO much great kettlebell – related content that’s been created over the years … that the vast majority of our audience hasn’t seen.

And we’ve gotten a lot of great feedback on parts 1 and 2 in the series …

So we’re going to keep the good times rolling!

Today we’re back with another one of my most popular videos – in it, I cover 3 tips to improve your KB clean.

You see, most folks can pick up / swing a ‘bell into a rack position at the shoulder, and it will resemble something like what we would call a “clean” …

However, to really get the movement DOWN, to make it smooth, efficient, and minimize impact on the forearm etc … is quite tricky. It’s one of the hardest of the basic KB moves to really perfect.

So, check out the video, try the tips, and see if they help:

Thanks, and be back soon with the next installment of the FVT Kettlebell “Best Of” Series –

– Forest Vance
Certified Kettlebell Instructor

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