Do This (sample BB/KB/BW workout inside)

One of the most common things I hear from people is that they want to “mix their workouts up”, and “keep them interesting”.

I totally get it. This is an awesome way to keep yourself motivated and engaged in your training program.

But you have to be very careful. Because if you just choose any old random workout each day, you are not going to make progress in the long run.

Certain muscles can get overworked and other underworked if you do this – which can lead to imbalances and injuries.

If you are random and not planned with your workout selection, you will not have the chance to work on specific movements and training techniques and make improvements on specific skills.

The best way to mix it up, while at the same time having some planning and continuity in your workouts, is by doing this:

1 – Keep your MAIN workouts the same, and follow a program that’s designed by a professional (unless you are one yourself … and even if you are, it’s still a good idea)
2 – Change up the “finishers” at the end of your training sessions, to give yourself a unique stimulus, and add variety

Here is an example. I led a small group workout at our facility yesterday. The main, “meat and potatoes” part of the workout looked like:

— Bench Press – 4 sets of 5, working up to approx 75-80% of 1RM
— 1 TGU + 5 C+P per side, 10 burpees, AMRAP in 10 mins

We will repeat this weekly for the next 4 weeks.

For a FINISHER, we could do a variety of things. We could choose from one of the routines below – included in the Funk Roberts Finishers bundle I mentioned yesterday:

— the Bodyweight Core Blaster #1 – (30 sec ea / 10 sec rest / 3 rounds) plank + side plank + reverse plank elbows


— the Commit to Submit BJJ Finisher (30 sec work / 10 sec rest / 3 rounds) – dive bomber + kick outs + bear crawls + hop overs + bunny hop sprawls

or so many other possible options.

Do you see how this all fits together?

Well I hope today’s short article has been helpful for you.

There are over three HUNDRED more finisher ideas like the two above in Funk’s Fitness Finisher Bundle package .. an incredible resource for both serious trainees and fitness professionals:

300+ Funk Roberts Fitness Finshers

Stick to the training format I outlined today for best results in the long run.

Train hard, talk soon –

– Forest

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