5 Minute Kettlebell C+P / Double Burp CHALLENGE

Forest Vance here with your Friday KB Challenge Workout!

You can use this as a killer “finisher” at the end of your workout to finish the day strong, like we do in KB STRONG coaching, or at the CORE KB Workshop event ..

Or, you can use it as a stand-along workout if you’re pinched for time, and all you have for available equipment is a single kettlebell.


5 Minute Kettlebell C+P / Double Burp CHALLENGE

— Set your timer for 5 minutes
— Start by performing 1 KB clean and press on the left side, and KB one clean and press on the right side
— Follow this immediately with one double burpee (double burpee = burpee with TWO push ups)
— Without resting, go immediately into TWO clean and presses on each side, and two double burpees … followed by three clean and presses on each side, and three double burpees, etc …
— “Climb the ladder” and get as high as you can in 5 minutes!


Check out the video that walks you through the workout here.

And I want to know – how many rounds can you do in 5 minutes?

Rock that one out – and enjoy your weekend!

– Forest Vance
Master Kettlebell Instructor


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