New Video – Kettlebell Exercises for Core – the One-Hand Swing

The two-hand kettlebell swing is often the first KB exercise people learn, and is one that they most often return to.

HOWEVER, the one-hand swing is the version you should in fact be using more of the time! – especially if you are looking to strengthen your core.

The one-hand version of the swing adds the so-critical anti-rotation component to the exercise. It also works our grip harder, and forces us to stabilize the shoulder more.

To perform the one-hand swing, assume an IDENTICAL set up to the two hand swing.

Same stance width, same foot position, same start for the kettlebell … the ONLY difference is, I take one hand off the KB when doing the exercise.

My shoulders stay square, my body stays in the same position, the KB still comes up to the same position at the top – it’s ALL THE SAME as the two hand swing.

Incorporate this kettlebell exercise for the core into your training routine today!

– Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Kettlebell Instructor


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