17 Minute KB / Jump Rope WO + sale on “Top 21 Fit Biz Mistakes”

It’s Labor Day, and I just finished up leading a couple of great training sessions at FVT.

Now I am wrapping things up here at the gym and then will be off to enjoy the rest of the Holiday with the fam.

How about you?

Since you couldn’t physically be at the workouts this morning at FVT, here is the conditioning portion of the boot camp we did –

You can crank this in about 14-17 minutes, you just need a single, moderate weight (12 or 16k for women, 20 or 24k for men) KB and a jump rope.


17 Minute KB + Jump Rope Conditioning WO

– 7 1 arm swings (per side)
– 5 goblet squats
– 100 single jump rope jumps OR 33 double unders
– 7 goblet squats
– 5 1 arm swings (per side)
– 100 single jump rope jumps OR 33 double unders

Do 3 rounds as fast as possible!


Most folks in boot camp this morning finished in around 15 minutes – if you try this one, let us know how you do.

Have a great day, talk soon –

– Forest Vance

PS – We are opening a new FVT studio location this month!

To celebrate, I am putting my best-selling course, “Top 21 Fitness Business Mistakes … and How to Avoid Them!”, on sale.

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