(video) the Kettlebell Sport Swing

We have been getting a lot of questions recently about kettlebell sport.

My area of expertise is HardStyle kettlebell training (which you’ll see in the video / post below, is quite different from a technique perspective in many ways) – so when my friends at Kettlebell Kings offered to do a guest post on the kettlebell sport swing, I thought it would be a great intro!

Hope it helps, let me know what you think –

– Forest


the Kettlebell Sport Swing
by Kettlebell Kings

It’s important to change your workout routine every few weeks to challenge yourself and avoid the dreaded exercise plateau. The kettlebell sport swing is a great addition to any workout routine and all you will need is a single kettlebell. There is a learning curve when it comes to correct body placement, however, once you have the motion down it’s a full-body workout that will deliver results quickly.

The kettlebell sport swing is also an essential maneuver to master for athletes competing in kettlebell sports. It is a great exercise for warmups and everyday routines, and can be used with light to heavy weights. The ideal motion uses the arms and the legs together to maximize the range of motion. Here is a breakdown of the areas to focus on when performing a kettlebell sport swing:

1 – Grip

Using a “hook grip”, your grasp should be firm, towards the center of the handle. Hold the bell with your fingers so that the palm of your hand is still visible, otherwise this can create an unnatural motion and cause blistering. Turn the thumb inward such that it is at a 45-degree angle. The hand can be facing backwards or forwards, depending on your personal preference, however a backwards grip allows you to achieve a deeper backswing.

2 – Legs

The focus of the legs should be a double knee-bend, bending once as the bell ascends and naturally following through with the motion as the bell descends. Performing the lift with a double knee-bend allows the stretch reflex from the hamstrings to support the upwards motion, and helps you achieve a maximum ascending trajectory. Remember that the goal of the motion is to reach a full swing, and that you want the movement to go up, not outwards.

3 – Red zone

Focus on the area between the arm and the body called the “red zone.” You want to keep this distance to a minimum. Moving with the arm close to your body creates a greater upwards motion, and helps support the shoulders and back during the movement. As the kettlebell smoothly descends, keep your hips forward until your arm falls and touches your waistband. Then, follow through the motion by pushing your hips backwards to complete a full swing.

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